by Deerstalker

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Debut EP 'Wendigo'
released digitally 30 July 2012

Olly Dickson - Guitar and Vocals
Andrew Carruthers - Bass
Matthew Fitch - Drums

Recorded 12/06/12 in Einstein Studios, Antrim
Produced and mixed by Frankie McClay
Artwork by Elliot Lyness (anicecupofstfu.deviantart.com)

© 2012 Deerstalker



released July 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Deerstalker Belfast, UK

"As instant as it is ridiculously well honed, their music reveals a three-piece soon to be rewarded for their fearless, forward-thinking approach to songwriting." - BBC Across The Line

"One of the country's most inventive young rockers." - The Thin Air
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Track Name: The Theatre
Discharge from your skin, it feels like burning air.
The coolant of the sky, she's cartoned it up on shelves.
We're a type-set society and we make your gravity.

Reminded every day by the scars across your face.
Reminded of a time when you prayed for a better day.

Plays her cards real close, 'til I rip them from her chest.
You'll notice what she gets in the light of the burning sun.
Ship past my stigmata, as if the devil left the deep blue sea.
As if he turned it all to grey just to keep you on your throne.
Just to keep you on your throne.
Track Name: Unsung Hero
I lived in a place with lots of beige.
It hurt to swallow, left my little heart cold.
Overcast sky still hurts my eyes.
Meet me in my sleep tonight.

So proud to say, I wouldn't want this any other way.
I scream down, it sounds like this.

Got what it takes to make the change.
No attention's enough for a head so high.
Turning to face the mess you've made.
Hits like a hammer into the thorn in your side.

Experience with hooligans.
Break that glass and hold it to my throat 'cause you have got to make this stop.
Track Name: You're Still Light Years From Facing Brock
Hazy, left too long in the sun but you don't really care.
Dark dream, searching for a feeling I know that you've been waiting so long to find.
Crazy, drawing through the lines that keep you running through this maze.
I'll be telling you all the things that you've been waiting so long to hear.

They're on to me.
Scratch has no effect until I aim it at your neck.

That night nothing but the doubt and the cold could keep me running from your hands.
I know I'm never going to see that face.
I'd been taking you all the the places you'd been waiting so long to go.
You see, a picture paints a thousand words but I'm light years away.

They're on to me.
Scratch has no effect until I aim it at your neck.
Track Name: Want You To Know This
I look into your eyes, I'm sick and tired this time.
No better time to fear.
This is what she'd say, "Never gonna stop it like a rolling stone, I'll be breaking your bones 'til the morning comes."
Tell yourself waiting here will make it do but tell yourself again when the time is through.

Oh well.

You put a price on love, like science at a new low.
Her gods are all cartoons. Just to let you know,
a stab in the heart never did you no harm because it couldn't compare to the love in your arms.
You've got five minutes to see this through past the ghosts and the killers and vampires too.

Oh well.